Case Studies

Exploring the intersection of research, design, business, and culture:
A collection of some of our works.

Designing an Engaging Experience Flow for an Endoscopic Device

A simple and modern healthcare GUI design revamped for an Endoscope Vision Processing Unit. Outdated enterprise design which was developer friendly as opposed to the user. Biorad Medisys intended to revamp the UI of video processing unit (a TFT LCD display) of the Endoscope. The challenge was to incorporate new flows and features into an existing IA and also do a thorough check on usability for the redesign.

Healthasyst: Clinic Management Portal for Healthcare Data Analytics

Healthasyst’s Clinic Management platform empowers healthcare providers with data analytics, comprehensive reports, and seamless access to data via BI tools. It facilitates efficient data handling, trend analysis, and enables informed decision-making, resulting in enhanced patient care and improved operational effectiveness in day-to-day medical practice.