Case Studies

Exploring the intersection of research, design, business, and culture:
A collection of some of our works.

Upgrading cloud based ERP solutions for retail and sales management

Elevating Efficiency and Performance through user friendly interface. Clarion 360 faced usability issues, inconsistent UI, and an outdated interface. Clarion 360,

How to prepare your kids for a screen routine?

Introduce PARENTAL CONTROLS without the drama. Lack of unique features to stand out in the market with an outdated design made it
hard to sell. The existing product missed fresh outlook on the design standards both on functional and visual end. It lacks many relevant features provided by competitors, at the same time it needed unique signature features to create a required product differentiator.

Procurement through Gamification

Designing a platform to streamline the procurement workflow. Designing an internal procurement portal that enhances the existing platform by streamlining the “request to procurement” workflow. The main problem identified revolved around a lack of transparency in the flow of information, leading to prolonged delays in addressing work items.

Experience Transformation

Leading Enterprise CRM system. Revamping an outdated design within legacy constraints into an intuitive and responsive experience. The current design lacked visual hierarchy, logical input controls, and a consistent structure. It also had serious usability issues that needed to be addressed within the technical constraints.

Redesigning the API Marketplace Experience

Enhance content accessibility through advanced search and filtering. To make the content consumable and relevant to multiple stakeholders. Currently, the platform is accessed most widely by developers, for whom a mental model of searching testing a particular type of content on a regular basis is built in. However SAP wanted to expand it’s user base on this platform, to allow business users or architects to visit the platform, understand what kind of content was available to them and then consume what was relevant to them.

Healthasyst: Clinic Management Portal for Healthcare Data Analytics

Healthasyst’s Clinic Management platform empowers healthcare providers with data analytics, comprehensive reports, and seamless access to data via BI tools. It facilitates efficient data handling, trend analysis, and enables informed decision-making, resulting in enhanced patient care and improved operational effectiveness in day-to-day medical practice.

Human Resource and Payroll Management Suite.

Portico is a secure, web-based, fully-hosted application suite customizable to meet client requirements. The suite includes document archive, HR and payroll, expense management, recruitment, eLearning, and payments processing. It has tiered user levels for employee access to their own data, manager’s access to venue data and senior manager access to all company details. To enhancing efficiency and user experience: Overcome time constraints, prioritise key information, embrace mobile-first approach, and personalise cohort dashboards.