UX Partner for Customer Obsessed Companies
We partner with our clients to craft great user experiences by opening a window into the lives of their customers & users.

Process and empathy is at the core of our business engagement. Starting from understanding our stakeholders and their business demands, discovering real user needs and challenges  to defining design driven solutions… we support our customers through the UX transformation journey for their products and services.

Very engaged and thoughtful team with Impeccable technical expertise. Highly responsive and effective in communication.
Solid research capabilities, reliable service, timely responses, flexibility in working with us with our changing timelines.
Eliminate the guesswork!!

Bring in the UX Research Experts to uncover the secrets of India’s multi-lingual, multi-cultural population.

Research Projects
User Interviews
UX Design Projects
Years Cumulative Experience
10 Languages

Native language proficiency for moderation in English, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu. Covers about 80% of the Indian population and all 5 of the main language groups.

25+ Cities

Fieldwork conducted in 25+ Metros, Tier 2, Tier 3 cities and across rural India. Short turnaround time for conducting fieldwork in these locations with validated venues.

Global Scale

Through the UXalliance, PeepalDesign helps global organizations create better international products & services, by providing them with local research, insight and design.

Labs Worldwide
UX Experts
User Sessions

ISO 27001

Only UX Agency in India to be certified for Information Security & Management Systems

State of the Art Technology
  • Portable eye trackers & eye tracking glasses perfect for all situations.  
  • State of the art Usability Lab in Bangalore with PTZ cameras
  • Portable video production equipment for capturing upto 6 video and 2 audio sources in flexible layouts, stream securely and record.
High Quality Participant Recruitment
  • In house field ops team focused on eliminating professional and fake participants
  • Identity validation
  • Evidence driven selection on behavioral recruitment criteria
Actionable Insights
  • Detailed description of insight answers the who, where, what, why and goes on to outline the desired actions (recommendations)
  • Sense making through Affinity Diagrams
  • Communication through visualizations like Personas, User Journey Maps, Ecosystem Map, Usability Test Dashboards
Always Prepared/ Pre-mortems
  • Proactive project management strategy to visualize risks & mitigate them before the project starts
  • Identify internal & external causes of failure
  • Prioritization of causes/ obstacles and brainstorm solutions
Featured Clients
We have worked across domains in supporting versatile UX needs of our customers.
Service Offerings
UX Research

Understand user needs & motivation through user research. Observe and listen to target users as they engage with your products and services.

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Usability Testing

Identify usability problems with the UX design. Understand how real users interact with your product and make changes based on the results.

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Design and UI Engineering

While you focus on your core business, talk to us for ongoing UX Strategy, Design and Engineering support for your services and products.

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UX-PM Certification

UX-PM is an international training program certified by UXalliance. UX-PM positions project managers to manage and integrate UX into digital projects.

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Design Thinking with LSP

Bring together playfulness, collaboration, thinking with hands and 4D immersion while building models that represent creative solutions to tricky problems.

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UX Talks Live!

We host a series of invited talks with focus on multiple facets of UX through the eyes of seasoned industry experts. This is a free talk series for passionate UX folks.

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At PeepalDesign, we are passionate about everything we do (yes, we are saying it again)! A love for UX is non-negotiable. We expect each and every one of us to be curious and always pause to understand why. Researching and designing UX is about evoking emotions, which makes story telling a core ingredient of what we do. It’s about team work too and we expect our people to embody the true meaning of being team players, which is learning from each other, sharing our learning with each other and helping the team deliver outstanding work every single time. Through this process, we develop and grow every day. Let’s hope that you have, what it takes!


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