Case Studies

Exploring the intersection of research, design, business, and culture:
A collection of some of our works.

How to prepare your kids for a screen routine?

Introduce PARENTAL CONTROLS without the drama. Lack of unique features to stand out in the market with an outdated design made it
hard to sell. The existing product missed fresh outlook on the design standards both on functional and visual end. It lacks many relevant features provided by competitors, at the same time it needed unique signature features to create a required product differentiator.

Designing an ENote Application

An application that converts hand written notes to digital text, takes notes directly on pdf, takes hand written notes for reading and reviewing of documents and provides paper like reading and writing experience. Creating the visual design and prototype for a Digital Notebook Application. Designing the visuals and experience of the application to replicate the look and feel of paper as closely as possible. This application will be utilised for reading documents and textbooks, as well as for sketching and note-taking. Our aim is to provide users with a seamless and immersive paper-like writing experience.

New Computing for a New Era

The first open and code-free software platform to span the complete edge AI operational workflow. Design the next version of an existing digital platform incorporating the new features and set of upgrades in the design library. The challenge was to achieve a balance between making this interface compatible for both department experts and layman. Blaize AI Studio : an open and code free software platform