Lego Serious Play

Building ideas together with
Lego Serious Play.

Bricks to Breakthroughs: Discover How Lego Serious Play Transforms Your Business

Struggling with innovation or communication? Unleash the power of Lego Serious Play to build fresh ideas and unlock your team’s full potential.

LEGO Serious Play (LSP) is more than just child’s play. It’s a powerful facilitation methodology that leverages the creative power of LEGO bricks to unlock innovation and problem-solving within your team. At Peepal Design,our certified facilitators guide UX research and design teams through engaging workshops designed to:

How does it work?

Participants use LEGO bricks to build 3D representations of ideas, challenges, or processes. Through guided storytelling and collaborative building, LSP bypasses traditional communication barriers and taps into the untapped potential of your team.

The workshop delivers Fresh perspectives, innovative solutions, and a stronger sense of ownership and alignment.

As your LSP facilitator, we guide you through every step of the process, from defining your goals to interpreting the models and stories your team creates.  This playful yet strategic approach is perfect for tackling complex challenges, fostering team building, and driving innovation.

Benefits for UX Research & Design:

  • Develop User Personas:

    Go beyond traditional user research methods by building physical representations of user needs, behaviors, and pain points. This creates a more tangible and relatable user persona for your team to focus on.

  • Rapid Prototyping:

    Create low-fidelity prototypes quickly and easily using LEGO bricks. This allows for early user testing and feedback iterations, saving time and resources in the long run.

  • Break Through Creative Blocks:

    LSP workshops can help your team overcome creative roadblocks by encouraging them to think outside the box and explore new possibilities.

  • Improve User Experience (UX) Design:

    By fostering a deeper understanding of user needs and facilitating better communication within your team, LSP workshops can lead to the development of more user-centered and impactful UX designs.

Ready to unlock the power of LSP for your next UX project?

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