Case Studies

Exploring the intersection of research, design, business, and culture:
A collection of some of our works.

Improving online ride booking experience across demographics

Redesigning the Sixt ride listings page for better user conversion. The existing offers page for Sixt ride was outdated, both visually and functionally, and needed a refresh. The existing Healthasyst platform faces several challenges. The outdated look and feel of the standard spagoBI reports template make it difficult to navigate and understand the information. The lack of proper information hierarchy leads to confusion in accessing relevant data. The large volume of daily recorded information makes it hard to focus on important details.

Empowering street vendors and protecting their rights.

A mobile application that provides street vendors with information on their legal rights, access to legal assistance, and emergency assistance. Designing a user experience that adapts to local languages, accommodates low literacy levels, encourages app usage, and ensures scalability to effectively support street vendors. Our app faces significant challenges in adapting to local languages, addressing low literacy rates, encouraging user adoption, and ensuring scalability. To successfully break these barriers, we must prioritise localisation efforts, design with low literacy users in mind, implement effective engagement strategies, and build a scalable infrastructure.

Navigating Street Vendor Management with Ease

A CCS optimized admin panel to centralize management of the street vendor mobile app. The CCS wants to create a centralized dashboard to effectively manage the street vendor mobile app, with local authorities as managers to improve assistance time for vendors. As the usage of the mobile application will increase, the need for a centralised and organised system to manage the data and services provided by the app also became a priority. The CCS wanted to create a dashboard to manage the street vendor mobile application effectively. Additionally, the CCS wanted the dashboard to be managed by local authorities to expedite the assistance time for street vendors.

A Learning Platform for Music , Dance and Instruments

An art form learning application which provides real-time content and feedback. Lack of course structure and in-person interaction makes it hard for learners to go in right direction. Learning something online without any guidance has some major obstructions. It lacks to support the user in developing persistent learning habits and ensuring a performance accuracy in the online learning environment. Learners miss a sense of achievement and people to interact with.