Case Studies

Upgrading cloud based ERP solutions for retail and sales management

Elevating Efficiency and Performance through user friendly interface.


Clarion 360 faced usability issues, inconsistent UI, and an outdated interface.

Clarion 360, as an aging legacy software, exhibits usability issues due to an inconsistent and outdated user interface. Its old-fashioned appearance and lack of user-friendliness hinder efficient operation and usability for users.

High Level goal

The goal is to upgrade the platform for enhanced functionality, user-friendliness, and improved satisfaction.

Project Approach

From definition to delivery

Alignment Workshop

The workshop was done to achieve consensus between all stakeholders and understand the business goals along with the expectations from the UX intervention.


All the inputs from workshop were collected and organised into post it notes to create the proto persona cards. This gave us better direction and scope for our project.

User Roles

Hierarchy in left to right order


After looking at the information gathered we started exploring with the following points in mind :

  • Quick reports to take center as this is the main focus area for the user.
  • Vertical nav menu on leftmost of screen – By default will be expanded, user can collapse it to have more workable screen area
  • Message & communication section to occupy rightmost part of screen

Option 1

Option 2

Before – After

A side to side comparison of the value added through design



Visual Design

After considerable evaluation best suited colour pallet and visual system was derived.