Our Services

Exploring deeper insights and crafting designs with users in mind.

Harness the power of user research to gain deep insights, understand user needs, and make informed design decisions that result in exceptional user experiences.

Usability Testing

Validate and enhance your design with user testing. Gain valuable insights, identify usability issues, and create a user-centered solution for optimal user experience.

Ethnography Research

Immerse yourself in users’ environments with field research. Gain valuable insights, understand user behaviors, and create impactful solutions.

UX Audit

Elevate your user experience with a UX expert review. Get valuable insights, identify areas for improvement, and align with best practices for optimal user satisfaction.

Eye Tracking

Uncover visual insights with UX eye tracking. Understand user attention, optimize design elements, and create engaging user experiences.

UX Benchmarking

Enhance your user experience by benchmarking against industry standards. Identify strengths, uncover areas for improvement, and stay ahead of the competition.

International User Research

Expand your insights globally with international user research. Uncover diverse user needs, adapt to cultural nuances, and create inclusive user experiences across international markets.

UX Design

Incorporate user-centricity, research-driven insights, and seamless interactions into your digital products and services with expert UX design. By understanding user needs, applying best practices, and iteratively testing and refining, you can create memorable experiences that delight and engage your target audience.

Design Thinking

Harness the power of design thinking to drive innovation and create user-centered solutions through empathy, ideation, prototyping, and iteration.

Wire Flow

Visualize user interactions and journeys through a combination of wireframes and flow diagrams, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the user experience.

Information Architecture

Organize, structure, and label information for seamless navigation and findability, enhancing user experience and satisfaction.


Simplified visual blueprints that outline the structure and functionality of a design, facilitating early feedback and alignment on user experience.

Visual Design

Elevate the aesthetic appeal and user experience of digital products through creative use of colors, typography, and layout.

Usability Testing

Evaluate user experience, uncover issues, and validate design decisions through real user interactions, resulting in intuitive and user-friendly solutions.

UX Training

Level up your UX skills and knowledge through comprehensive training. Gain expertise in user research, interaction design, usability testing, and more to create exceptional user experiences.

UX PM Certification

UX-PM is an international training program certified by UXalliance. UX-PM positions project managers to manage and integrate UX into digital projects.

Design Thinking with LSP

Bring together playfulness, collaboration, thinking with hands and 4D immersion while building models that represent creative solutions to tricky problems.

UX Talks Live

We host a series of invited talks with focus on multiple facets of UX through the eyes of seasoned industry experts. This is a free talk series for passionate UX folks.