Case Studies

Building a sleep app ecosystem for high athletic performance

Rem42 is a sleep coach company powered by AI technologies. They offer personal sleep coaching and comprehensive sleep solutions. At Rem42 They believe sleep is the foundation of good health and sleep is the key to obtaining superpowers. They are a company of people who are passionate about technology, product, people, and wellness. We strongly believe in the power of technology in enabling human causes, potential and business.


Aim is to improve awareness of sleep and help people measure its impact on health, productivity and wellness.

Sleep is one of the key aspects of great health but its impact on the overall well-being is also the one that is least understood. We’re on a mission to change this. Sleep is one of the key aspects of great health but its impact on the overall well-being is also the one that is least understood. We’re on a mission to change this.

High Level goal

The goal is to create thoughtfully designed experiences powered by technology to help people sleep better and be better!

When did it all start..

At the height of pandemic REM42 an incubated startup in Duroflex was trying to connect people having trouble sleeping 
with sleep doctors.

Overview of what all was done after

Figuring out what’s right

Sleepathon – I

We had to validate this idea for which a 3 phased program was planned together with REM42. The phases where as following

1. 1st Phase consisted of using sleep tracking device by the participants
(for this we collaborated with Dozee a piezoelectric sensor sheet that goes underneath the bed)

2. 2nd Phase comprised of sleep consultation based on the tracked data

3. 3rd Phase was around building healthy sleep habits with help from psychologists

The need to share data with doctors in 2nd Phase resulted in

Coach App

A first of its kind web app for sleep doctors to view a patients sleep record instantaneously,
reducing the time to diagnose from one week to One day

Re-looking at the target

Shifting Strategies

After the insights from the program were presented to the team a series of strategic discussions were launched looking at various aspects of business. Luckily at the same time Inspire Institute of sports entered the scenario giving us the opportunity to shift the target segment to athletes who didn’t faced the challenges identified from the Sleepathon -I program

What was found

User Research Output

An extensive research was conducted on field in IIS. Personas and Institute hierarchy and workflows were identified though this research.

There were five opportunity areas identified out of the research conducted by the research team of PeepalDesign.

Build a Map


We conducted a co-creative workshop to come up with the direction of product development for the new brand based on the research inputs and opportunity areas. The main output of the workshop was to be prototype of the MVP features.

Phase 1

Information sharing sessions Talks from the experts and CXOs rekindling the mission of REM 42

Phase 2

Brainstorming, Ideation
Journey mapping
Value effort mapping

Phase 3

Extensive prototyping and validation
Presentation to the board

Process Process Process

Quick and Clean

To start of the new product pipeline we aligned on the mixed methodology approach for design and development

Sleep app for performance


Using the aforesaid process under multiple sprints Zheal app was developed and designed for the athletes. Zheal was launched with two UI options one for teenagers and other for more mature athletes.