UX Approach: Phase-2: Learn about users, their journey and best practices

Durga Prasad

May 29, 2023

In phase-1, we discussed a bit about the importance of alignment workshop and a short structure for the same.

During the workshop, probably you came across one of the below reasons on why UX intervention is desired.

UX is the end result of collaborative efforts

Understanding the stakeholders vision, idea, product goal and constraints helps in finding a common ground for collaboration. However, without understanding the product challenges, end user needs and user behaviour influencers such as changing technologies and design trends, we might not be able to foresee and appreciate the UX challenges to address.

This is where “Learn” phase comes into picture.

There are multiple methods that supports this phase.

  • Expert Audit: If it’s an existing product/service, an expert audit will help in identifying obvious challenges that can be fixed on priority basis.
  • Benchmarking Study: Knowing industry standards help in positioning the product better and invest in raising the bar accordingly. A benchmarking study identifies key areas where a product/service is ahead or lagging behind similar offerings in the market place.
  • User Research: Knowing how people actually discover, explore and consume a product or service helps in designing for better adoption and user satisfaction. There are multitude of methods to support different context of research. Most common ones are contextual inquiry, ethnography, surveys and focus groups. We will cover these in a separate blog.

Apart from reports and recommendations, this phase churns out some interesting deliverable such as

  • Target user profile
  • Provisional & research personas
  • UX audit report
  • User stories/Story boards
  • Empathy map
  • Task flow
  • Journey map/Experience map/Emotional journey
  • Multi-channel opportunities

Sample Storyboard

Sample Persona

Sample Emotional Journey Map

To be continued

In the next blog, we will discuss phase-3 of our UX approach: Ideation

UX Process

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