UX Approach: Phase-3: Generate ideas around design opportunities

Durga Prasad

May 29, 2023

Empathizing with stakeholders, developers and end users ensures that the design challenges are well defined. If addressed appropriately, better user experience can be achieved.

This is where phase-3 of UX approach kicks in.

Bring together the process map, persona, journey map and story boards. Identify the key use cases. Bring on the whiteboard and post-its. Think through the:

  • key challenges that need to be addressed
  • key emotions to be targeted
  • key metrics to fulfill

Carefully sketch out the wire-flows for each use case. Wire-flow will look like something like the attached image below.

Discuss with stakeholders. Validate the flow by running it through end users (if possible). Or simply trust the user journey map and take a leap of faith. However, doing this in silo can cost lot of time and miscommunication.

In a very short span of time, wire-flow for the entire set of use cases will be in place. That’s a big win. What’s better than a visual representation of the entire solution that can be tweaked on demand? That too without too much sweat.

More over, from the wire flow, it will be easy to extract number of user interfaces to be drawn, types of layouts to be considered and possible information architecture that can be extracted.

Guess what can you do with that information. You can plan your budget, sprints and resources.

To be continued

In the next blog, we will discuss phase-4 of our UX approach. Planning.

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