UX Intervention Framework for Digital

Durga Prasad

May 23, 2023

As a designer or a PM or a leader who is part of an UX intervention life cycle, we always have that nagging question on the approach, activities, deliverables and responsible people.

As we navigate through the complex world of UX intervention, we refer Design Thinking framework for innovation, Lean UX for execution or create our own to augment the unique intervention demand.

Look at any UX framework, they all point to certain phases, activities and deliverables; represented in different ways to explain the non-linearity of the process and describe the activities as per the unique context for which the framework is defined.
Here is a crack at the framework from my experience. Hope it resonates with your own! If not, happy to hear your experience and enrich it

It is exhaustive and a specific UX intervention can use few or many aspects of it.

Take a pause and look at the people who make UX happen. You will realise that there are multitude of roles and skills that come into play for a successful UX outcome.

Designing without research is like playing tennis (my recent hobby)blindfolded. Will you be able to design something without understanding why you are designing and who for? Do you ignore the importance of Interaction designer, because she makes the experience invisible, seamless? Do you know that without a good UX writer, the best of visual designs can have catastrophic outcome? Heard of UX managers, motion designers, sound designers and conversation designers? There are many unsung heroes of UX and UX intervention is miles deep that needs versatile skills and a great team to navigate.

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