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A series of invited talks with focus on multiple facets of UX through the eyes of seasoned industry experts.

How to be an influential design function in an organization

Shashank Deshpande

CDO, Globant

Design function is very lonely & many cases isolated component of an organization. The key decision-makers in an organization rarely understand how to collaborate and extract value from designers. There is a lack of recognition & appreciation in spite of the popular stories of the designers’ contribution to the success of the business. The perception gap on both sides needs to be bridged that could eventually lead to design-centered organizational culture. The talk will discuss a few strategies to create a long-lasting mindset & cultural change required for the design function to establish & flourish.

18 October 2019, 4:30PM

Venue: BHAU Institute
COEP Campus, Shivajinagar, Pune

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Past Talks!
Dr. Sarita Seshagiri

Ethnography Consultant Indian History Awareness and Research

30 August 2019

Truth or Dare:- Revisiting the Veracity of Field Studies

What happens during field studies? How do biases creep in? This talk addressed some of these questions and highlighted certain strategies that could help surmount some of these problems.

Aurobinda Pradhan

Cofounder, PeepalDesign

30 August 2019

An introduction to Mobeapp

The one-stop tool from Peepaldesign for conducting diary studies.

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Sashi Karpur

UX Architect, Intel Corporation

30 August 2019

Influencing product design through impactful product research.

A journey into the world of creating products & reference designs that will be relevant 3-4 years into the future by using techniques like futurecasting, ethnography and user testing.

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Abhimanyu Kulkarni

Studio Director at Philips Design

30 August 2019

UX strategy for large organizations

How closely it needs to adapt to the DNA of the organization for it to be truly effective.

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Harini Karthik

Senior UX Research Manager, Flipkart

7th June 2019

Designing for the Next Billion.

The millions of new users joining the Internet is widely recognized as a massive opportunity provided you can figure out how to design products & services that are appropriate for them.

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Jan Chipchase

Acclaimed Ethnographer and Founder of Studio D Radiodurans

23 April 2019

Trust Systems – How Studio D thinks about, earns and maintains trust” in the context of running ethnographic research projects.

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