UX principles for Predictive UX

UX principles for Predictive UX

So you are designing UX for #AI #machinelearning #IoT etc. etc. What should you keep in mind? Here is a summary of #UXprinciples for #predictiveUX laid out by Mike Kuniavsky.

1: Create a mental model of needs and desires the system will intercept.

2: Machine learning UX is a conversation between system and people. (don’t confuse with chatbot.)

3: Have a user story for every stage of prediction. Map user stories with needs and desires.

4: Set behaviour expectations (let users know of what system will do.)

5: Explain when a state has changed or about to change (don’t give ugly surprises.)

6: Create clear ways for people to adjust the predictive behaviour (Don’t force people to take whatever is thrown at them, allow them to control.)

7: Don’t replace people. Support them through AI.

8: Don’t force people to train AI, They won’t.