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UX refresh for ease of use and scale

Bombarded with customer feedback on too much whitespace and unstructured layouts, we were approached to redesign the interface and interactions of a legacy CRM product. Within legacy dev constraints, Peepaldesign team revamped the UI and interactions. The new experience was launched within 9 months of engagement.

Right UX Partner

Peepaldesign team has a strong track record of designing scalable, pattern based user interfaces for complex enterprise applications. The team empathises with business stakeholders challenges as well as technical constraints imposed by legacy technology. Finding the right balance between uncompromisable user experience and execution feasibility makes Peepaldesign the right UX partner.

The Methodology

Aligned all the stakeholders towards a common understanding and defined the success metrics to measure the design impact

Deep design practise by thorough understanding of the legacy structures, components, elements, interaction and micro interaction methods, visual language and brand philosophy to create an user experience, which is modern, easy to use and focusing on enhancing the user productivity. 

  • UI analysis through usability evaluation
  • Workflow enhancement through UI Harmonization
  • Modular design system for maximum scalability
  • Responsive design structure for consistent experience across devices
  • Creating visual design aligning to brand positioning.
The Impact

Well aligned stakeholders and right team mix enabled faster design decisions.

We were able to define the conceptual framework within 3 months and supplied the specs for development. Being modular in nature, the design scaled nicely for all use cases.

The product is available in the market and is a satisfactory case study on constraint driven collaborative execution for better user experience.