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Enriched car ownership experience

Enriching car ownership experience means a lot more than taking delivery of the dream car. How can we design experiences that makes car owners stay connected with the car and the brand? How can design help in strengthening the bond between dealers and the brand?

Right UX Partner

Being a full service UX agency, Peepaldesign was the chosen partner to who can understand end users and create the right experience through a process driven design intervention.

The Methodology

Applied user centered design process with co-creation methodology 

Created a great first time use experience, adopted minimal design maximum impact philosophy and made it relevant…

The Impact

Enabled client with a clear design roadmap 

Delivered a well designed solution capturing all the voices, (Voice of business, Voice of market and a voice of customer) and made it relevant with clear mandate of increasing the frequency of use.

Researched users and mapped user journey

Aligned with stakeholders and created shared vision

Generated unique ideas collaboratively

Agreed on a design direction

Created high fidelity interactive prototype

Tested with sample users and iterated the designs