Durgaprasad Vemula

Customer Experience Gap in Banks
My Experiences with Banks: An Introduction to Omni-Channel Customer Experiences
Recently, I had to reach out to two MNC banks for requesting past credit card statements...
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Demystifying the Alphabet Soup of CX Terminology
Do you design Omni-Channel Experiences? Then you have probably come across terms like channels, touchpoints,...
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UX Approach: Phase-6: Evolve continuously
Look around. Yesteryear's successful brands are reinventing themselves to stay relevant in the current market....
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interface design PeepalDesign
UX Approach: Phase-5: Define experiences
Clarity is precursor to creativity. In this phase, it's all about bringing together all out put...
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UX Approach: Phase-4: Plan for successful design intervention
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In the UX approach, half the battle is own when all the stakeholders are aligned,...
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Ideation PeepalDesign
UX Approach: Phase-3: Generate ideas around design opportunities
Empathizing with stakeholders, developers and end users ensures that the design challenges are well defined....
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User Research PeepalDesign
UX Approach: Phase-2: Learn about users, their journey and best practices
In phase-1, we discussed a bit about the importance of alignment workshop and a short...
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Training Workshop PeepalDesign
UX Approach: Phase-1: Align with stakeholders
As designers we have to empathize not only with end users but with the business team...
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